Help me I`m 14 and i

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Help me I`m 14 and im working on Prokofiev`s Diabolical Suggestion. I`m getting pretty bored. What`s another good piece to work on?
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  • iveonlyjustbegun

    Well I haven`t played all of them, but I`ve leared the Hammerklavier, the Lizst Sonata, and Islamey, and I`m working on the Rach 3 right now. Good luck!

    4th May, 2017

  • Beethovenian

    I know Islamey is hard. I saw it and said in another year I`ll try. I know Scriabin writes hard stuff so I guess I`ll give it a try. Have you played all of these?

    4th May, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    Well... Here are some of the world`s hardest pieces - Beethoven - Hammerklavier Sonata Balakirev - Islamey Liszt - Sonata in B Minor Rachmaninoff - Rach 3, Sonata #2 Prokofiev - Sonatas and concerti Scriabin - He wrote some insanely difficult things... Sorabji - ANYTHING! You could always give Rach 3 a shot! Rach 3 is absolutely my favorite piece in the world. If that doesn`t give you a problem, then you should be concertizing. I`ve never played Diabolical Suggestion, so I don`t know how difficult it is in comparison to these pieces, but hey, there`s no problem with giving yourself a real challenge!

    4th May, 2017

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