Hey, I haven`t been

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Hey, I haven`t been playing the piano for to long but at the moment I`m quite bored. I have lots of sheet music, but most songs aren`t really meant for piano and I don`t like them very much. I was wondering if any one could send me sheet music from songs that are really written for the piano. I`d be soooo very thankfull. (if you need any sheetmusic... just ask and I`ll try to find it for you) kisses lara
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  • DanQL

    Correction: Does ANYONE have Musetta`s Walts by Puccini???

    3rd May, 2017

  • davidareid

    Do u have Musetta`s Waltz by Puccini????

    3rd May, 2017

  • musicforU

    Dear Lara, I would love to share piano pieces with you! I would also like to be your friend.If you tell me how to I would send you some pieces.Just tell me what kind of music you like,ok? I haven`t been playing for long either.Anyway.....Hope to hear from you soon!! Your new friend, Gabe

    3rd May, 2017

  • MichelleCheung

    I have two pieces of Mariah Carey "Hero" and One sweet day"?You?

    3rd May, 2017

  • pkdunn

    write back and let me know what sheet music do you have

    3rd May, 2017

  • Cally

    Hi LAra, I`m trying to find notes for piano of songs of Mariah carey "all I want for christmas" and "I can`t live without you" ,and of Ray Charles of song"Halelujah I love her so" .What sheet music do you have? On this site you can find alot of pieces for piano, and on so many sites! Thanks,Tanja

    3rd May, 2017

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