what are a few songs

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what are a few songs that every pianist should learn before they`re dead?
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  • THEpianist

    anything chopin "deserves" being learned

    2nd May, 2017

  • Sailor

    nah, i`m not dying, just trying to write a list of all piano songs that deserve to be learned.

    2nd May, 2017

  • sanzim

    i think every pianist should know Tchaikovsky`s piano concerto no.1 as it is really THE piano piece

    2nd May, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    ...also, you don`t need to know any Bach because he didn`t really write "piano" songs... why? are you dying or something??

    2nd May, 2017

  • cameronpianist

    1. Chopin`s Fantasie-Impromptu 2. Lizst Liebestraum 3. Beethoven Apassionata ...and you`re good to go

    2nd May, 2017

  • PlayerGT

    beethovens waldstein, hammerklavier, moonlight, pathetique, and tempest sonatas. chopins harp, ocean, revoluitionary, black keys, and winter wind etude and all his nocyurnes and his ballade no.1 in g minor.and liszts hungarian rhapsody no.2 and rachmanonoffs prelude in c-sharp minor.thats only a few though.

    2nd May, 2017

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