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I don`t think I spelled critique correctly.. anyways! Hi ya`ll! I have this friend who plays piano, and I`ve been encouraging him to play more than what his teacher gives him, and tostart playing by ear and have fun n all that. Well! He has created his very own little melody, or first composition you might say. I think it`s pretty good! I was wondering if you all would give your piano-educated opinions and critique on his first piece! Just so he can hear what other piano players have to say about it, and maybe he`ll continue experimenting with composing! Thankyou for any suggestions/replies that may come! Jade
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  • Beethovenian

    That was good, I agree with the other two about putting more into it like ornaments on a Bach piece. Also, right now it`s one note at a time in the right hand and same with the left. Try experimenting with another note in each hand (like thirds, fifths etc.) Really good for a first piece!

    1st May, 2017


    oh by the way, how do you record a song and put it onto the computer and in the internet? I want to do that.

    1st May, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    i like the harmony, almost sound like it could have been derived from one of chopin`s nocturnes. Variations and elaborations would make it a bit more engaging, but an otherwise good peice of work. How old is the composer, just out of curiosity? I compose occasionally, usually for school based competitions (to win money), and I am working on a piano peice right now.

    1st May, 2017

  • Jessica

    Not bad at all for his first piece! Kudos from me. Its a good base, from there he could perhaps come up with a variation or two... And I agree with Steve that he should lighten it up a bit with some trills or passing notes or something. But on the whole, VERY COOL!!!

    1st May, 2017

  • ALgreg1

    It sounds nice, I think he should extend it a little bit and put some trills in it

    1st May, 2017

  • DanQL

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