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hey, what`s your favorite Movie Soundtrack? You can list a few, just don`t give a whole essay. My fave is definetely the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, mainly Return of the King. The music complements the movie perfectly yet is awesome to listen to on its own as well (I have the cd). It just taps into your emotions so easily you just get excited right along with it. Howard Shore is a pure genius.
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  • YoungPiano

    Oh yeah, I forgot about The Matrix soundtracks. They have a really cool electronic rythmn to them that really fits well with the teme of the moive. So yeah, The Matrix is another one

    30th April, 2017

  • pkdunn

    but my favourite is the movie score AIR wrote for the virgin suicides, its all by them and has some gorgeous instrumental, i also own the matrix soundtrack which is a very extreme contrast but also great

    30th April, 2017

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