hi, i`ve been workin

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hi, i`ve been working on beethovens sonata pathetique movement two and ive come across a symbol i don`t know what the meaning of is. It looks kind of like a side ways 8 and it has finger numberings over it. please explain what it means to me if you know i will ask my teacher on friday but i didnt want to wait. All i fnow about it is that it goes fast and it is kind of like grace notes. thanks
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    its called a turn! you take the note thats below it and you quickly play the note above, the note itself, the note below then back to the note itself. so lets pretend the note is C, you would play it like this D,C,B,C instead of just playing the note C. oh yeh you need to play them as quickly as possible as it still needs to be the same time value of the note. so if the note was a croquet (if thats how its spelt) then you would play all four notes in one croquet beat. because the pathetique is in Cminor then you have to keep the scale so if the note was D, you would play Eb,D,C,D HAPPY???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

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