Ok...im 13 and in gr

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Ok...im 13 and in grade 4 piano but i havent been playin conservitory pieces(grade level pieces) for the past couple months because its to easy. instead ive been playin pieces like moolight sonata, thousand miles, and all kinds of brahms pieces. I want to either become a piano teacher or play in an orchastrow kind of thing or stuff like that...but i have to pass at least grade 8 to do so..but i hate playin conservitory pieces because i get them on the first time i try them and ya theyre really easy..if i skipped to grade 6 or grade 7.. would that like mess up what i wanna be or anything? what are the downsides? what do you recomend?
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  • MrBillSTL

    Haha! It looks like a future me! Sweetheart, the pieces which you are learning now are helping to establish your technique. You need technique. Believe me. OK, if you think Moonlight Sonata is hard, you should see some of the other stuff out there. And the "easy" pieces that you are playing now are teaching you things, whether you know it or not, that will help you play the songs that are REALLY difficult. What I did was just quit lessons, so I didn`t have anyone to make me learn all these seemingly foolish technique songs, so I thought, "yay! now that I`m free from lessons, I can play whatever I want"...so now, here I am, and as I have stated, very very many times in these forums, now I am struggling--but actually sounding good-- on Rachmaninoff and such. I mean, my playing isn`t faulty, I just don`t have the fundamentals to help me master music with more ease and in less time. SO in conclusion, if you think you`re being all high and mighty by critisizing all of those songs that are sooooo easy and ridiculous, you`re uh...really not being high and mighty. Just tough it out, learn the easy songs, and you`ll have MORE FUN playing the real music WHEN YOU GET THERE. TRUST ME. GO THROUGH THE METHODS. Good luck, Jackie.

    24th April, 2017

  • Brooklyn

    I can assure u dear, there`s something very wrong with yr learning attitude. Caz maybe yr too young, or that u haven`t seen it all and know it all. Firstly, there`s much more to being a pianist than just trying to accomplish all the hardest pcs there are in the world. It takes patience and determination to get there. Secondly, if u wanna teach/ play with a reputed orchestra as guest pianist...Well then I suggest u get down on yr bench and start practicing and stop complaining. Ask yr teacher and she`ll tell u how long a way she`s come/struggled b4 becoming a piano teacher. The more u should practice if u wanna play with the orchestra. Caz they not only require yr paper qualifications, more imp. they want some sort of resume/professional artictic experience referance. Thirdly, if u knew how tedious and far that path is, then u wouldn`t be complaining that whatsoever is too easy. Caz no repertoires are easy, it depends on what yr praticing for. If u`ve just praticed enough to play the notes without stopping, well then, u can`t really say u know this particular work. One often needs to spend months just to polish up on a pc. Polishing means that u give the technic , musicality and style of the piece its due attn. If not, yr just a `typist` with a superficial display of rheorical technic, and nothing more. Please do not mark my comments as a personal attack. I`m trying to enlighten u. And may these harsh advice be useful to yr very own students one day, should u become a piano teacher.

    24th April, 2017

  • Cally

    You can`t know much about instruments if you don`t know what grades are. As far as I know, every instrument has grades. You could go for grade 6 or 7 if you like. But you have to be up to speed with the theory in grade 5 and 6, and be able to do the scales, arpeggios, etc. If you think you can do all of that then go for it.

    24th April, 2017

  • BOBsmile

    first of all, i have no idea wut u are talking about with these grade 4,5,6,7,etc piano. do u mean the piano book levels? Second of all, if u would like to play those pieces, simply ask ur teacher that wut u are learning is too easy and that u want to learn something that is more challenging. Also if what u are learning is technic, u should still learn them, it strenghthens your fingers.

    24th April, 2017

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