I`m 14 and I would l

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I`m 14 and I would like to learn a concerto, what do you think is better to my? a Mozart concerto, Beethoven`s..... ?
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  • yiyi

    The Mozart Concertos (there`s a BUNCH of them) are the concertos on which most young players start....just because Mozart used the simplest form in writing his music, so nothing is misunderstood. There`s usually not much for the performer to interpret in playing Mozart, so that would also be a plus side for you. So definitely start on a Mozart if this is your first concerto. Me, I`m also about at the same level as you, although I play music PLENTY harder than my ability level, and I`m waiting until I`m a little older to start my first concerto, which, by the way, will definitely be a Mozart. So start listening to all his concertos and sightreading some music just to see in which concerto you`d be the most interested. Have fun. Jackie

    23rd April, 2017

  • CarolBlackburn

    You`re about the same age and skill level as I am, so maybe you`d like the concerto I`m learning right now, Kabalevsky`s Concerto No. 3 Op. 50. I`m playing the second movement, but the whole piece is really fun. I like it much more than the Mozart or Beethoven concertos that my piano teacher showed me, but that`s just my opinion.

    23rd April, 2017

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