I have always lover

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I have always lover the PIANO SOLO from titanic. It`s a bit different form My heart will go on. You can search for in on kazaa of course. Now I no very litle about playing a piano, but I only want to learn to play this song. Is this possible. I was thinking of giving every piano key a Letter And then writing this letter on the sheet ( so like the DO corrsepondends with the D key for example) And doing this for every not. In this way I wouldn`t have to learn to read the notes. Any advice on this toppic. Maybe an easyer way to learn to play just this song? Kindly regards Geert g_heremans@hotmail.com Anone got the sheets of the piano solo. Pllz send me an e-mail then.
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  • davidareid

    i am guzheng grade 7 now, and the first time i played it was started by a song.. no theorys no nothing.. but after i learnt that song, i den started with the theory.. so i am much capable of it now

    21st April, 2017

  • yiyi

    It isn`t very hard to learn all the theory needed to play that song. Even if you do learn all the notes and get all the rhythms right, you`ll appear to your audience as someone pushing keys. If know know all the theory, and practice enough, you`ll make the piece easier to play, and new pieces a lot easier to learn. Along with that, other instruments are easier to learn after a considerable amount of piano experience. I do understand (sorta) that this might be the only song you`ll ever play, which is pretty sad, but if you`re going to play the piano, play the piano and not just push keys.

    21st April, 2017

  • KatieKitty

    OK, But I could learn first to play the left hand then the right. And maybe I could learn the timing by listening to the song. Anyway I found a online course called the piano nanny. Mayb Ill try this first for the basics. Thx for the replay

    21st April, 2017

  • Madida

    Personally, I think it`s a bad idea. For one, you have chords, you have to learn fingering to perform those chords. Also you have to learn the timing in which the song should be played(indicated by the key signature). And you have to train yourself to be coordinated enough to play at the same time with both hands. I suppose it`s possible, but unless you have a really good ear, and determination, then you would at least need someone that plays the piano to help you. Actually, the piano`s not such a bad instrument to play. It`d be worth it to just learn how to play the piano, anyway. I was 5 when I started playing, and I didn`t like it then, not really. But, I`m thirteen, now, and I love it. And I`m glad I sat through all my lessons and practiced like I did. And remember, it`s never too late to learn how to play the piano. Pianoman5

    21st April, 2017

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