Hey everyone... I`ve

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Hey everyone... I`ve been playing the piano for 4 years and i need help in choosing a piece for a piano recital. Does anybody have any suggestions??
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  • myredroom

    You can`t go wrong with Chopin... He has the most amazing things ever. Or take a prelude of Scriabin`s... They aren`t too hard if you study well.

    17th April, 2017

  • Emma1987

    If you are going to recite anything at all i suggest that you try "Tocatte y Fuege" (Can be found under "Bach" at www.sheetmusicarchive.net) Of course it depends on hoe good you are. Bur a level of advanced player or above should be sufficient.

    17th April, 2017

  • Varonica

    i personnaly hate recitals i get all nervous and stuff when u gott play in fron of alot of poeple, but anyways um i think your best bet is to play somethin u realy like and enjoy

    17th April, 2017

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